Get A Free WiFi Pass On Your Next Flight!

Unless you’ve been living in the dark for the past 5-years, you’ve probably noticed the Wifi sign on more and more flights. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to convince yourself of how much more productive you’d be if you were “connected”—and perhaps that ~10 dollar price tag was the deterrent (like it was for me). What if you could try it out on your next flight…for free…just to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be? Dust off your negotiating skills with these 5-steps out on your next flight to see if it lands you a free Wifi connection:

Note: the following was with Gogo Inflight Wifi and while it worked for me, I can’t guarantee it’ll work my next time ’round.

Four Steps To Free Inflight Wifi

  1. Once you’re above 10,000 feet, connect to the gogoinflight wifi network on your device.
  2. Once connected, head to your favourite browser and try to launch This should automatically redirect you to a url similar to this: where you will have the option to purchase a pass. Instead, head to the Help or FAQ section.
  3. Once in the Help or FAQ section, look for a Chat option. You’ll find it in a number of places however I navigated there by reading through a few of their FAQs where it said “If you need help, chat with us anytime!”.
  4. Once in the chat, put your smiley face on (this is an important step) and let the agent know that you’d love to try this Inflight Wifi thing out however you’re wondering if there is any way that they can provide you with an hour of access to test it out. Make sure you’re very friendly, and make sure they know this is your first time trying it out. If you’re successful, you’ll land up with free access, in my case for the duration of your flight.

Have fun and browse away. You’ll notice it isn’t the speediest Internet in the world, but it works and it’s certainly convenient!

Note: if you’re with T-Mobile, many of their plans include 1-hour of free Wifi from a mobile device on American Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta.

Written from somewhere over Canada on a free inflight wifi connection provided by gogo:


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