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Get A Free WiFi Pass On Your Next Flight!

Unless you’ve been living in the dark for the past 5-years, you’ve probably noticed the Wifi sign on more and more flights. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to convince yourself of how much more productive you’d be if you were “connected”—and perhaps that ~10 dollar price tag was the deterrent (like it was for me). What if you could try it out on your… Read more →

Truemove vs AIS vs DTAC

Thailand’s Best Cellular Service Provider? It’s Not What You Think.

My pre-trip planning routine always consists of determining who will be the carrier of choice for my voice and data needs during my travels. For short-term travel this is often roaming with my home carrier (Rogers Wireless) however for long-term travel it’s always a local carrier. This is often a reasonably quick process where I scour a few forums, read a… Read more →

Passport Requirements For Canadians Entering Thailand and Why Everyone Is Wrong About 6-Month Requirements

It’s Sunday evening, 15-hours before our Monday departure to Thailand, and my wife and I discover that my passport expires exactly 10 days short of 6-months from our date of departure. Huston, we have a problem. After discovering this, I was quickly reminded (rather informed) that most countries require a minimum validity of 6-months on a passport before they will give you… Read more →